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(Rising Phoenix: a fabled mythical bird of great beauty who rises from ashes)


This Rising Phoenix was diagnosed at the age of 4 with Alopecia.   

Mr. Phoenix's Mom, Christine went into immediate action, to ensure that his life as a 4-year-old would be identical to every other well rounded young boy his age.

She ensured that despite school bullying from his peers,  Rising Phoenix's fate was NOT going to be defined by his condition.

Mom understood that it was imperative that this Rising Phoenix understood that he is important, he is a great asset to his community and that that there is an entire world full of awesome people that reaches far beyond his classroom. 

Mom changed the trajectory of young De'Marcus, "A Rising Phoenix" life. Now through her 501 (c) (3) non-profit, Blessyns Alopecia Mental Health Foundation, she is sure to improve the lives of many others who are challenged with Alopecia, a Mental Health Condition, experienced psychological trauma and/or bullied just like the Rising Phoenix

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