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Blessyns Alopecia Mental Health Foundation ("BAMHF") is Nationally recognized as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit foundation with a mission to provide support for youth and adults with Alopecia Areata and Mental health challenges, to include psychological trauma.  We want to help those who have experienced bullying as a result of their personal challenges. 



Our goal is to assist our community members that have these conditions to learn how to overcome the emotional distress, learn how to accept it, and teach them coping mechanisms so they will gain the courage to embrace their mental health challenges.



We will assist our community members with those challenges to learn how to enjoy life by building self-esteem in our children & adults living with Alopecia Areata and/or Mental Health. 


Our vision is to create to better every-day life for our community members who face day-to-day challenges as a result of having  Alopecia Areata or any other mental health challenge.  Team Blessyns aims to serve as an information resource center.  WE have a commitment not only to our community members but to the overall community at large.


Together we will carry out our mission and successfully meet our vision..

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